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1.7t Mini Digger - Kubota U17-3

1.7t Mini Digger - Kubota U17-3

The Kubota 1.7 Mini Digger stands as a testament to innovation, power, and efficiency in the realm of compact excavators - designed to deliver great performance in tight spaces and varied terrains.

Weekly Hire Price - £235

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Engine Type Water cooled
Model D902
Displacement 898 cc
Machine weight 1650 kg
Overall length 3545 mm
Overall height 2340 mm
Swivelling speed 9.1 rpm
Rubber shoe width 230 mm
Tumbler distance 1230 mm
Hydraulic reservoir 21
Fuel tank capacity 19
Ground contact pressure 26.1 kPa
Ground clearance 150 mm

1.7t Mini Digger - Kubota U17-3


Designed to deliver exceptional performance in tight spaces and varied terrains, this mini digger is your ultimate companion for a wide range of excavation tasks.

Key Features:

Powerful Hydraulics: Harnessing the power of robust hydraulics, this mini digger delivers impressive digging force and digging reach. With an extended dozer length, the hydraulic system ensures precision and efficiency in every operation, allowing for faster and more accurate excavations.

Zero Tail Swing: The Kubota 1.7 Mini Digger features a zero tail swing design, eliminating the risk of the machine's tail swinging into obstacles during operation. This allows for unrestricted rotation and operation in confined spaces without compromising safety or performance.

Anti-Theft System: The Kubota 1.7 Mini Digger is equipped with the industry’s first standard-equipped anti-theft system, providing added security for your machine. This easy-to-use feature enhances peace of mind by helping protect your valuable equipment from theft or unauthorised usage.

Variable Track Width: The adjustable track width feature optimises stability and manoeuvrability based on the terrain, ensuring balanced weight distribution and enhanced performance. The machine adapts seamlessly to different conditions, including narrow spaces or rough landscapes.

Enhanced Safety Features: Safety is paramount, and the Kubota 1.7 Mini Digger is equipped with a number of safety enhancements to ensure a secure work environment. These features include a Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) for operator protection, a Tip-Over Protective Structure (TOPS), and an Operator Protective Guard, ensuring peace of mind on the job.

Why Choose The Kubota U17-3?

Exceptional Compactness and Manoeuvrability: The Kubota 1.7 Mini Digger's compact design allows it to navigate through confined spaces effortlessly, providing easy access to tight job sites. At just 990mm wide, its excellent manoeuvrability enables precise digging and placement, even in tight environments.

Powerful Performance: Despite its compact size, this mini digger is a powerhouse in performance. The robust D902-E4-BH-3EU engine and hydraulics system ensure high digging force and digging reach, allowing for improved productivity with low vibration and low fuel consumption.

Quick and Easy Maintenance: Kubota's commitment to user convenience is reflected in the quick and easy maintenance of the 1.7 Mini Digger. Accessible service points and simplified maintenance routines keep downtime to a minimum, maximising productivity on site.

Built For Comfort: The mini digger offers an ergonomic easy-access operator station with intuitive controls, providing operators with a comfortable and productive work environment. The controls are designed for ease of use, with plenty of legroom and adjustable seating, reducing operator fatigue during long hours of operation.

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