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1t High Tip Dumper - Ausa D100

1t High Tip Dumper - Ausa D100

Experience the efficiency and power of the market-leading Ausa 1 Ton Hi Tip Dumper – a reliable and versatile solution for all your material handling needs.

Weekly Hire Price - £159

Make: AUSA D100
Hire period: WEEK
MAX PAYLOAD: 1000 kg
WEIGHT: 1295 kg
LENGHT: 3032 mm
WIDTH: 1115 mm
HEIGHT: 2860 mm
MAX SPEED: 12 km/h

1t High Tip Dumper - Ausa D100


Introducing the 1 Ton Hi Tip Dumper - your compact powerhouse for efficient material handling. This compact yet robust dumper is engineered to handle heavy loads with ease, making it an essential asset for construction, landscaping, and many other industrial applications.

Key Features:

High-Tipping Capability: The Ausa 1 Ton Hi Tip Dumper is equipped with a high-tip scissor lift feature, allowing you to easily and efficiently deposit materials at elevated locations of over 1.9m high. With 180° swiveling, this feature significantly enhances productivity by minimising the need for manual handling and reduces time spent on each task.

Compact Design With Impressive Power: Despite its compact size, this dumper boasts exceptional power and manoeuvrability. Its compact design and 4 wheel drive system ensures easy navigation through tight spaces and challenging terrains, making it perfect for both confined work areas and open construction sites.

Operator-Focused Ergonomics: Prioritising operator comfort and safety, this dumper features an ergonomic design and hydrostatic transmission that enhances ease of use and minimises fatigue during extended work hours. The intuitive controls and operator-friendly interface allow for smooth operation, boosting overall efficiency on the job.

Versatile Material Handling: Whether you're transporting soil, gravel, sand, or other materials, this dumper offers versatile material handling capabilities. Its 1-ton payload capacity and high-tip functionality make it ideal for a wide range of materials.

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