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5t Excavator. Kubota U50-5

5t Excavator. Kubota U50-5

Kubota’s new 5-ton mini excavators are ready to take charge and deliver new levels of have performance, comfort, and safety for a wide range of jobs.
All feature newly designed interiors and exteriors, and all are built with the most advanced technology Kubota has to offer.

Weekly Hire Price - £395

Model U50-5
Operating weight*1 4965
Bucket width (without teeth) 550
Type Water cooled, diesel engine
Number of cylinder 3
Overall length 5355 mm
Overall height 2550 mm
Rubber shoe width 400 mm
Max. digging force (arm / bucket) 22.6 / 32.8 kN
Hydraulic reservoir (tank / full) 40/67
Fuel tank capacity 66
Max. travelling speed (low / high) 2.8 / 4.8 km/h
Ground clearance 310 mm

5t Excavator. Kubota U50-5


With new interior designs, the cabins on all three models offer improved comfort for operators of any size. The designs feature a slimmer, more ergonomically positioned right meter panel and greater head and foot space. The result is more room and greater comfort for the operator, and that means improved productivity on the job.


Redesigned for greater comfort and improved operability, the key pad features a compact profile and places all of the main switches on the right side for easier access.


As part of the new design, the cabin is now equipped with a seat with a slide that can be double-adjusted to improve comfort. The joystick consoles on the left and right sides of the seat also can be adjusted independently of the seat to match individual operator requirements. An ISO-compliant air suspension seat, as standard for the L models, reduces vibrations to provide optimum operator comfort. An electric seat-height adjustment system simplifies and improves adjustment by the operator.


A slimmer frame design means 20% more glass in the front window, skylight, and left and right windows. This greater glass area not only improves safety during loading, unloading, and digging work—operators can monitor the left and right edges of the dozer as well as the bucket through the skylight—it also enhances the feeling of spaciousness in the cab.


World-class noise reduction helps protect the operator’s ears as well as provides a more stress-free working environment for the operator. Rear engine noise is reduced by a metal partition between the engine and the cab. The floor plate is also thicker to reduce noice from beneath the cab.


Kubota’s new 5-ton mini excavators deliver impressive performance and efficiency for their size, with exceptional bucket digging force, outstanding arm reach, and a well-matched arm and bucket. Even tough digging jobs will get done faster and more efficiently.


Kubota has made routine maintenance extremely simple by consolidating primary engine components onto one side for easier access. Engine and other vital components can be inspected quickly and easily.

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