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6 metre Telehandler - Manitou MT 625 H

6 metre Telehandler - Manitou MT 625 H

Introducing the Manitou MT 625 H 6 metre Telehandler: impressive precision at heights of up to six metres, enabling elevated working with ease. Lift up to 2,500kgs with this versatile telehandler.

Weekly Hire Price - £290

Make: MANITOU MT 625 H
LENGHT 3900 mm
WIDTH 1810 mm
HEIGHT 1920 mm
WEIGHT 4800 kg

6 metre Telehandler - Manitou MT 625 H


Unlock ultimate versatility and efficiency with the Manitou MT 625 H 6m Telehandler. Designed to give you accurate control over heavy loads at reach, this exceptional machine offers an array of features that provide you with easy lifting, manoeuvring, and reaching around construction sites – even in congested areas thanks to its compact size.


Key Features:

Compact Design: The MT 625 H's compact dimensions ensure manoeuvrability in tight spaces, making it ideal for congested work environments or construction sites with limited access.

Comfortable Cabin Space: The spacious and ergonomic cabin provides operators with a comfortable and fatigue-reducing environment. Intuitive controls, adjustable seating, and excellent visibility contribute to a productive and safe operating experience.

4-Wheel Drive: Navigate challenging terrains effortlessly with the 4-wheel drive system, allowing you to work efficiently on uneven ground and inclines.


Why The Manitou MT 625 H?

Impressive Reach and Height From A Compact Machine: With a remarkable lifting height of 6 metres, the Manitou MT 625 H ensures you can access elevated work areas with ease, making this a great machine for tighter spaces and congested areas.

Adaptable Attachments: The MT 625 H accommodates a variety of attachments, transforming it into a multi-functional powerhouse. Whether you need a pallet fork, bucket, or specialised attachment, this telehandler effortlessly adapts to your unique requirements.

Robust Performance: Equipped with a powerful engine, the Manitou MT 625 H delivers consistent and reliable performance even in demanding conditions. Tackle heavy loads and challenging terrains with confidence.

Precision Handling: The advanced hydraulic system allows for precise control, enabling delicate movements when necessary. Whether you're positioning materials on a construction site or loading goods onto shelves, this telehandler offers exceptional handling accuracy.

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