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Kubota K008-5

Kubota K008-5

Kubota’s smallest digger, the Kubota K008-5 0.8t Micro Digger, is a compact powerhouse that’s highly reliable – the perfect machine for tough jobs in tight spaces.

Weekly Hire Price - £210

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Transmission Hydrostatic
Fuel type Diesel
Propulsion Tracked
Machine Size 0.8
Width 860

Kubota K008-5


With an overall width of just 700mm, this digger is tailored for builders and construction companies working on smaller sites, giving you ultra-reliable performance and great efficiency on the job.


Key Features:


Efficient Engine: Don't let its size fool you. The K008-5 is equipped with an impressive 3 PS E-TVCS engine that uses a unique system to reduce exhaust emissions, lower noise, and minimise vibration.


Anti-Theft System: As with all of Kubota’s latest machines, this digger is equipped with the industry’s first standard-equipped anti-theft system, providing added security for your machine. This easy-to-use feature enhances peace of mind by helping protect your valuable equipment from theft or unauthorised usage.


Variable Track Width: The adjustable track width feature optimises stability and manoeuvrability based on the terrain, ensuring balanced weight distribution and enhanced performance. Changing from 860mm to just 700mm wide, the K008-5 adapts seamlessly to different conditions, including narrow spaces or rough landscapes.


Ease of Operation: Featuring intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, the K008-5 ensures that operators can work comfortably and productively. The ergonomic design minimises operator fatigue, enabling sustained performance throughout the workday.


Comprehensive Safety Features: Kubota are known for providing great safety features on all of their machines, and the K008-5 is no different. Featuring a Rollover Protective Structure to keep operators safe, a high visibility seat belt and seat belt alarm, and an LED boom light for safer extended working, this machine keeps your job site safer.


A Micro Digger You Can’t Go Wrong With:


Kubota’s Most Compact Excavator: The Kubota K008-5 Micro Digger's compact design is suited perfectly to tight spaces and smaller job sites, providing easy access to a wide range of operations. At just 700mm wide, its excellent manoeuvrability enables precise digging and placement in tight environments.


Portability and Convenience: The K008-5's compact footprint facilitates easy transportation and storage, making it a versatile choice for projects across various locations. This micro digger also has a foldable Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) allowing it to be transported easily on lorries and fit through doorways. Its portability simplifies logistical challenges and enhances project planning.


Operational Efficiency: The Kubota K008-5 was built with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind. From the quick-release bucket pins that allow you to change attachments quickly without tools, to the 3-point lifting system that enables you to lift and transport the machine easily, to the reliable hydraulics system that minimises downtime, this digger is built to keep you on track.

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