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Kubota KX027-4

Kubota KX027-4

The Kubota KX027-4 comes with the largest cab in its class, making this powerful excavator a comfortable workspace throughout the day. With an impressive digging depth of 2740mm, this machine provides impressive output even on challenging projects.

Weekly Hire Price - £295

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Transmission Hydrostatic
Fuel type Diesel
Propulsion Tracked
Machine Size 2.7
Width 1400

Kubota KX027-4


A compact excavator that doesn’t compromise on power or performance, complete with a large cab that enables you to work in comfort all day long. For even greater versatility, the high spec model option includes auto-shift and proportional AUX oil flow.


Key Features:


Large Operator Cab: The KX027-4 features the largest cab in its class, offering a spacious and comfortable workplace for operators all day long. With its excellent visibility, generous legroom, and user-friendly controls, this digger is the perfect tool for every work site.


Comprehensive Safety Features: This 2.5t machine comes with all the safety features you need to keep your site and team safe. The swivel negative brake keeps the cab position locked whilst the engine is stopped or control lever is raised to unnecessary accidents, and the strong ROPS and OPG come as standard. The KX027-4 is also fitted with work lights, exterior mirrors, an engine start safety system, and window guard mounting points should you require additional operator protection.


Powerful Performance: The Kubota KX027-4 Digger is equipped with a powerful and well-balanced arm, giving you an impressive reach of up to 4.72m and a dig depth of 2.74m. The variable displacement pumps enable simultaneous use of the boom, arm, bucket, and swivel for maximum efficiency and provide a whopping 22.1kN of digging force.


Anti-Theft System: Kubota’s industry-leading Anti-Theft safety system comes as standard with the KX027-4, providing added security for your machine. This easy-to-use feature enhances peace of mind by helping protect your valuable equipment from theft or unauthorised usage.


An Industry-Leading Excavator For A Reason:


Unmatched Productivity: The Kubota KX027-4 Digger combines power, versatility, and comfort to ensure optimal productivity on the construction site. Builders can complete projects efficiently, meeting tight timelines and project goals thanks to comfortable extended working.


Cost-Efficiency: The digger's adaptability to various attachments means reduced investment in multiple machines. The KX027-4 proves to be a cost-effective solution, streamlining operations and optimising your budget. Thanks to Kubota’s specially designed engine, this digger also provides maximum fuel efficiency.


Enhanced Operator Comfort: The spacious, air-conditioned cabin is designed for operator comfort during long hours of operation. Reduced noise levels, ergonomic seating, and optimal visibility contribute to a comfortable working environment, enhancing productivity and focus.


Minimal Downtime, Maximum Output: The KX027-4 is built with durability in mind to keep your operations running on schedule. From the high performance hydraulic system to the 24PS diesel engine to the easy maintenance features built in, this digger helps you to lower downtime and work more effectively across a range of work sites.

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